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Across the month of May Oxfordshire displays its artistic talent in the visual arts realm through Artweeks, Oxfordshire’s annual festival featuring special exhibitions and open studios. The O3 Gallery will once again be hosting a special taster exhibition of selected works by participating Artweeks artists, featuring an accessible and diverse selection of work in a range of media.

Over 60 Artweeks artists submitted a piece for the exhibition, for reasons of space we have had to narrow that down to just over 20. We feel the exhibition reflects the overall aims of Artweeks, by displaying a range of work from artists with varying backgrounds, across many different media types. For the first time the O3 Gallery is able to offer space to jewellery, ceramics and other small items for display.

Selected works featured are by the following artists:

Ros Rixon, Susan Moxley, Kate Mellersh, Joanna Walsh, Ann Brooks, Juliet Addenbrooke, Meg Blacker, Jo Chance, Marc Thompson, Kieran Stiles, Liz Ferris, Leonie Bennett, Annemarie Plint, Ray Castell, Suzy Prior, Stella Campion, Christine O'Sullivan, Ticia Lever, Steve Daggitt, Sarah Farrow, Rachel Ducker.


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Appleness by Liz Ferris Cove by Kieran Stiles O3 gallery Flat Edge Sea by Sarah Farrow
escape by Chris Perrett Gallery oxford escape by Chris Perrett O3 gallery Spoons by Juliet Addenbrooke
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