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The undulating hills of Oxfordshire's countryside, Oxford city's familiar architectural grandeur and some of the South East's gritty post-industrial cityscapes of are evoked in the smokey forms and bitten lines of Caroline Maas' enigmatic prints. Inspired by and drawn from locations personally significant to the artist, this exhibition presents a powerful body of work from one of Oxfordshire's finest contemporary printmakers.

  I love to walk and look down over vast expanses. I wait for the landscape to arrange itself in some significant way then I draw that. I aim for an equivalence and intensification rather than representation… Mostly I start from drawing an observed scene; but I think that it's also good to start from the process and play, and see what you get. (Caroline Maas)

  Working from original drawings and being influenced by her background in watercolour, Maas creates her etchings by layering colours onto different plates and embracing the element of chance that this presents whilst exploring the possibilities of the medium.

  The printmaking process condenses the original idea. I like the bitten line, and putting different colours onto different plates… I like layers, layers of time, of experience, of colour…. I like the element of chance, the happy accidents. (Caroline Maas)

  Caroline Maas began studying painting in 1982 at Oxford College of Further Education before moving to Richmond Adult College and discovering printmaking with Ingrid Allen at Shaftesbury Centre. She is a member of Oxford Art Society, Oxford Printmakers Collective and West Oxfordshire Arts.

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