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Exploring the DIY artistry of self-releasing musicians
Editions of You celebrates and showcases self-publishing and self-releasing musicians and the handmade editions and releases they create. Taking the form of an exhibition, zine fair, live music events, talks and happenings, Editions of You at the O3 Gallery and Oxford Castle seeks to unearth the underground culture of DIY artistry that combines music with artwork.

to listen to Dr Lisa Busby of the Oxford Brookes University Popular Music Research Unit talk to BBC Oxford about the ‘Editions of You’ exhibition…

Exhibition: 26th March – 24th April 2011


Lustrous Chemistry (UK) is creating a newly commissioned soft sculpture which responds to the theme of the show from the perspective of a music fan.
Illustrators and zine makers Emily and Anne (UK) have been commissioned to create an interactive kareoke booth to house their new video work with Billy Payne, A Song About Poo.

Jacok Battick (US) has made especially for Editions of You two new compilation releases limited to two single handmade editions

Artists and Labels
Alcopop, Audiobulb, Black Dog and Obscene Baby Auction, Brave or Invincible, Consumer Waste, Eric de Jesus, Felicity Ford, Gum Takes Tooth, Like Junk, Loaf, Minus Pilots, Seabuckthorn, Sleeps in Oysters, Spirits of the Red City, Stuart Chalmers, Superlimited, We Have Heaven, Wisdom Teef

We also very pleased and honoured to have a selection of work from the extensive Oxford Brookes Fine Art Depatrment’s Artist Book Collection curated by Ruth Millar, the resident bookworks specialist.

Live talks, gigs and new release launches

Thursdays 31st March, 7th April, 14th April, 21st April, 6 – 9pm

More info coming soon…

Zine Fair: Saturday 9th April 2011
Hosted in the beautiful surroundings of the Oxford Castle grounds, and under the shelter of an olde-y world-y striped marquee, this fair will provide live music, workshops, and other happenings alongside the all important handmade music and zine stalls! Come down to buy music and publications you won’t find in the shops….

Stalls, 11am - 6pm
Alternative Press, Dan and Anne, Dead Trees and Dye, Double Dot Dash, Emily and Anne, Eyeball Suck, Gran and Pop, Superlimited

And on the indie table…
Angry Violinist, Noisy, Pizza, Raw Pogo on the ScaffoldRiot on the Rocks

Live Music, 3 - 6pm
Andrew Lips, Jimi Gherkin, Billy Payne, Theo Carnegy-Tan

Eric de Jesus, of Easy Subcult and Amercian Typewriter fame, reads from his book We won’t be here forever and is accompanied by a one off improv collaboration between John Harries, one half of Sleeps in Oysters, and Ray Tovey, AKA Diasonic

Glue me down! Workshop, 11 - 6pm
An open zining workshop lead by Sian Wynne, zine enthusiast and creator of music zine Riot on the Rocks.Taking you through the steps to successful self-publishing, Sian will discuss genre, style, content and practical tips, while you get your hands dirty and create your very own cut-and-stick masterpiece. Sessions will be held throughout the day.

The Mixtape Consultancy Agency, 11- 6pm
A unique workshop and consultancy service to assist you with all your mixtape creation needs. A brand new project by sonic artist Felicity Ford and performance artist Stavroula Kounadea which debuts here at Editions of You, be prepared to think about and make mixtapes like never before!
Curated and programmed by The Oxford Brookes University Popular Music Research Unit, Oxford Contemporary Music and O3 Gallery, in association with Oxford Castle.

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