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Exhibition by Joe Bowes Exhibition by Joe Bowes
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First Impressions' is a solo exhibition of black and white hand prints by Joe Bowes.

'These powerful and evocative images convey the full drama of their subjects in a way that stirs up the emotion of a landscape in the viewer'. 'Travel around various parts of the British Isles has enlivened his enthusiasm and passion for the medium and he has, in recent years, started to share his work and experiences with others'. Joe Bowes was born in 1963 in Stockport, Cheshire and at the age of 4 he and his family moved to a small village near Banbury, Oxfordshire. He still lives in this area having moved to another village nearby on the edge of the Cotswolds.

Joe's introduction to the visual arts came at an early age as his mother was an artist, mainly oils, and taught art for many years. When he was in his early teens he was introduced to photography when his grandfather gave him an old Yashica camera. Unfortunately, at this time there were few outlets to discover the world of photography and developing had to be done by post so for a young boy growing up in the country there were many other activities and sports that soon took preference although photography still featured when the time arose.

After moving through the education system and studying engineering Joe started a career in manufacturing which led to him owning his own business in which he is still involved.

Throughout his life he often revisited photography but it wasn't until the new millenium that time allowed a full commitment to the art and during this time he found that the world seemed more visual in black and white with this medium being exemplary at conveying the drama and theatre of a landscape. Add to this the pleasure of 'unlocking' an image in the darkroom and producing a fine art print he was hooked. Bowes has previously shown work as part of a group exhibition at the Michael Heseltine Gallery in Middleton Cheney. His image ‘Four Trees’ was featured in the 2008 Landscape Photographer of the Year , published by the AA, and subsequently the image was exhibited at the National Theatre in London as part of the exhibition.

Bowes’ photography is captured on film using medium format cameras. He develops the work himself, printing his images in the darkroom onto fiber based paper. Like most landscape photographers, Bowes is clearly captivated by natural surroundings and says of his work: ‘The art of printing feeling into each image is what inspires me to attempt to pass onto others the emotion of a landscape rather than the view, in the hope that they too feel the same sense of awe that I feel when in these surroundings.’

The O3 Gallery will be featuring a selection of Bowes black and white landscape photographs this Autumn to coincide with the publication of Bowes first book of Fine Art Photography. All images will be for sale and have an edition limit of 45. The prints are Silver hallide - Archivally hand processed and toned on exhibition quality fibre based paper. Prints are 9" x 6.75" or 9"x 9" plus border. All prints are signed and numbered.


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Exhibition by Joe Bowes Exhibition by Joe Bowes O3 gallery Exhibition by Joe Bowes
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