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O3 Gallery presents a solo exhibition in steel and photograhy by Faringdon based artist Wilbur Heynes, showing for the first time in Oxford.

From a background of classical training based on the figure, Heynes has evolved a naturally abstract style that flows through all the different areas he explores in his work. Through the development of his technique of working and reworking form until he can present each piece reduced to what he considers its purest element - his steel sculptures, whilst clearly figurative, are nonetheless abstracted. Likewise his large photographic prints are both of iconcic landscapes and of abstracted microcosms of them. Never seeking to dictate interpretation, every item engages the active imagination of the viewer to create a flexible and dynamic relationship between the real and imagined.

Over the last eight years Heynes has been developing his practice and exhibiting in New York, London, and around the UK. His work in a variety of media always offers recognizable shapes; and each discipline varies the function of the central theme: a method best described as cognitive.

Based in his studio outside Oxford and surrounded by farmland, Heynes maintains a connection to his own background in farming – living and working on the land. Both this deep-rooted bond with the land and the rigours of agricultural labour influence his practice still.

Heynes is particularly interested in the way our perception of the physical world is highly influenced by vision and interpretation – the way in which static objects become dynamically open to different meanings. β€œAll my work depends on one fundamental concern: that art only exists through a relationship between visual stimulus and the resonance that can create in the perception of the person looking. β€œ


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