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On this page you can download or flick through all of the Exhibition Catalogues from Exhibitions at the O3 Gallery Oxford.

One Thousand Cranes
Saturday 5th April - Monday 27th April 2014

The O3 Gallery presents One Thousand Cranes: An Exhibition of Contemporary Paper Making featuring a selection of the UK’s leading artists currently working in the medium of paper. This group exhibition showcases some of the very best contemporary paper-cutting, origami and kirigami.

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To the Clear Northern Skies, And Great Western Woods
Monday 11th November - Sunday 19th January 2014

To The Clear Northern Skies & Great Western Woods showcases a spellbinding collection of etchings and screen-prints by Oxfordshire based printmakers Jane Peart, Heather Power and Morna Rhys. From the gentle, rustling grasses of a Cotswold meadow and the misty moonlit glow on Welsh waters, to the warm blush of the Eastern skyline, this exhibition presents the very best of contemporary landscape printmaking....

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The Isles of Colour
Saturday 28th September - Sunday 27th October 2013

The Isles of Colour is an exhibition of work that celebrates the beauty and variety of the landscape of the British Isles and Ireland by Oxfordshire artist Anna Dillon. From the windswept and breath-taking shores of the Hebrides to the green and rolling hills of West Ireland, The Isles of Colours presents a visual feast of colour with some familiar Oxfordshire landscapes contributing to the collection.

Anna’s practice and paintings are grounded in notions of landscape and place; her passion for walking and hiking expressed in the undulating contours of her meticulously crafted topographies....

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The Nearness of Gold: Bath Spa Porthleven Prize
Saturday 7th September - Sunday 22nd September 2013

Bath Spa University and the Trevor Osborne Charitable Trust (founded by local property developer Trevor Osborne) recently joined forces to offer 5 students an artist’s residency in Porthleven, Cornwall, followed by an exhibition at the O3 Gallery.

In May 2013 the newly created Bath Spa Porthleven Prize sent 5 Bath Spa students on a ten-day residency to the Porthleven Lifeboat Art Studio, in the picturesque harbour of Porthleven, South Cornwall...

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Saturday 22nd June - Sunday 28th July 2013

This exhibition explores the legacy of Dada and Surrealism on contemporary practitioners and examines how developing strands in visual culture and creativity continue to traverse the conceptual borderlands between reality and the surreal, between the familiar and the uncanny.
Taking as our starting point the definition of nonsense as an inversion of what is perceived to be ‘normality’/ ‘reality’ (or ‘sense’) through a disruption of logic, this exhibition examines the beliefs and assumptions which distinguish ‘normality’ and the means and techniques by which artists work to unravel ‘sense’ and accepted modes of normality...

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On These Magic Shores
Saturday 4th May - Sunday 16th June 2013

O3 Gallery in association with Comma, presents On These Magic Shores. Featuring the work of a selection of the UK’s leading illustrators, this group exhibition will consider visual language and aesthetic tendencies in contemporary illustration.

On These Magic Shores will delve into the distinctive panoramas and enter the idiosyncratic domains conjured by contemporary illustrators, and explore the shifting uses of line, colour and form at the intersection of traditional draughtsmanship and digital imaging...

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