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Art Objects Jewekkery


by Zoe Power

I’m a photographer who loves blogging, all things vintage and handmade and light-filled happy, beautifully simple images. And I’m a little bit obsessed by Blythe, deer (especially vintage bambi) and owls too.

Gloves & Slipper Socks

by Trading for Development

Trading for Development demonstrates how ethical business practices and high quality fashion can help to support some of the poorest communities in the world.  Linking the producers in these communities with leading fashion houses and top fashion universities, we encourage the growth and appreciation of traditional skills, and promote the marketing of fairly traded products worldwide.

TFD makes use of the wide range of traditional skills available to fashion designers around the world to supply desirable, luxury items such as alpaca knitwear, accessories and jewellery.  Our products often use traditional craft techniques, as well as natural fibres and dyes that minimise damage to the environment.  By only working with World Fair Trade Organisation members, we can ensure that all of our producers are certified and that there are no missing links in the supply chain.

Lip Balms

by Sweet Cecily’s

Sweet Cecily’s is a place to learn about and purchase lovely natural skincare products which are all handmade on the North Yorkshire Moors.  All products have been born from either my concepts and ideas or from suggestions from friends and families.

We believe in only using the finest ingredients, and as such, all our products are free from Parabens, Petrochemicals, harmful preservatives, and SLS. None of our products are tested on animals, nor are any of our ingredient.

Prints & Cards

by Susan Isaac

Susan Isaac is a Cardiff born artist, now based in Nottinghamshire.

‘The placing of elements is fundamental to my work. I’m seeking a perspective that projects outward as if to engulf the viewer – I want you to feel tipped into the painting.’



My work has long been inspired by a love for geometric design and Japanese Illustration, sketching and painting since I was a child I carry a sketchbook in my pocket 24/7.

I like to think of my Brooch designs as tiny portable works of art, walking with their owners up and down high streets, camping out at festivals or simply reaching parts of the world I never will.


by Sarah Ray

Sarah Ray is an illustrator, designer, and creator. Sad slugs, musical worms, and rabbits on flying carpets are just some of the things she likes to draw. Her work has been commissioned by a variety of clients including NHS, Orange, Friends of the Earth, Birmingham Contemporary Music Group, CowPR and SquidgyFace Books.


by Sabine Gerth

London based designer Sabine Gerth makes hand-made accessories from leather off-cuts. Coin purses, i-phone cases, card holders & makeup bags in the softest leather are gorgeous to touch, and are an essential component to any cosmopolitan woman’s hand bag.


by Jo Davies

There is a humour in Jo’s work, an element of the ridiculous, but also an element of sophistication. Her work emulates this coupling of humour with sophistication and tries to exist where these two meet, creating an elegant style that sometimes teeters on the edge of vulgarity.

The exploration of clay is probably the most important aspect of Jo’s work. As she sees it, an object that she has made is best when it crystallises the liquidity of clay in the final ceramic. The glazes Jo use are chosen because they enhance this sense of water and flow created in the object’s making on the throwing wheel. This work is not an allegory and does not have a scripted narrative; it is instead the result of an intuitive enquiry into clay, using a visual language that is gradually unfolding with each piece made. (Photograph by Matthew Booth Photography).


by Ikuko Iwanoto

Ikuko makes exquisite cups and other objects for a bizarre tea ceremony. They suggest the everyday, the ordinary, but are in fact extra-ordinary . They are the vehicle to make visible an invisible, microscopic world. A world of intricacy and detail, of mathematical pattern and organic chaos, of beauty and repulsion.

History Mugs & Stationary

by Cole of London

Cole of London aims to make stylish, unusual mugs that help you to mug up on facts you wish you knew a little better. They want their mugs to be fun, to make people smile, and to fill them with enthusiasms for their favourite characters. So Cole of London set about drawing characters which interested them, drawing them in their own style with their own interpretation of what they thought they were like.


by Love Cat Creations

More Information is coming soon…


by Kaela Mills

Jewelry and accessories by Kaela Mills, all handmade on the sunny south coast of England. Her products make perfect little gifts, but are equally as nice to keep for yourself!

Vintage Ceramics

by Melody Rose

Melanie Roseveare is the Canadian-born designer of Melody Rose. She lives and works in North West London, where inspired by a love of ceramics, art and eco-friendly design, she breathes new life into long-forgotten china and creates Melody Rose. Small and affordable pieces of art, they are gorgeous displayed but also very practical. They can used every day and some can even go in the dishwasher.

Greeting Cards

by Laura Skilbeck

Laura is an artist and illustrator and maker of handmade things. Her art is inspired by a love of things that are wonky and colourful, old photos, illuminations, signs where the letters are dropping off, folk art, outsider art, funny sights, and old seaside towns. All of her greetings cards are made using recycled card and envelopes, and packaged in biodegradable sleeves.

Pencil Shaving Cards

by Ruth Jackson

Ruth Jackson formed her Company in January 2012 and quickly took a stand at London’s Gift trade show – Top Drawer. Retailers large and small were taken with her individual style and the business was up and running.