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Presenting the highest quality, contemporary commercial art
Showcasing and supporting local artists
Offering diverse and unique creative events
Endeavoring to be the friendliest gallery in Oxford

The O3 Gallery is a high quality, contemporary commercial art space that offers the public affordable, original artwork and provides selling opportunities for regional artists. The gallery is open to the public throughout the year and has no admission fee.

The O3 Gallery exists to nurture and support the artists that exhibit at the gallery and therefore provides a supportive platform for all exhibitors, offering guidance on the design and presentation of exhibitions, pricing, selling work, technical requirements, writing artists statements, and publicity. We do not, however, act as an agency for artists and ask that artists assist us in marketing their events.

The O3 Gallery endeavors to be seen as a center for artistic activity within Oxford City. This is achieved through the delivery of varied and high-quality exhibitions and events related to all aspects of the arts, created for the benefit of the local community and visitors to the area.

The O3 Gallery proudly describes itself as the friendliest gallery in Oxford, welcoming art connoisseurs and beginners alike, and placing a strong emphasis on visitor information and interpretation of the artwork.

The O3 space itself is of the highest quality and presented as an unusual circular gallery on two half levels. Fitted with state of the art lighting and hanging systems, flagstone floors and painted stone walls, the Gallery combines contemporary design with the unique heritage of Oxford Prison. Adjoining the Malmaison Hotel, the Gallery is only a few steps away from Oxford Preservations Trusts’ visitor attractions at the Castle and Mound.


Helen Statham – Gallery Manager
Helen graduated with a 1st class Fine Arts degree from Lancaster University, before moving to Oxford to study her MA. Before joining the O3 Gallery, Helen worked for the Ashmolean. Helen’s experience as a practicing artist combined with her sales, curatorial and management skills allow her to have a well-rounded understanding of the art world, facilitating the O3 Gallery’s aim of providing a commercial space that also aids the development of the artists it presents. Helen manages all aspects of the O3 Gallery space from artist liaison and curation to marketing and sales.

Rona – Senior Gallery Assistant 
Rona has worked in the O3 Gallery since it was opening in 2006. She is a practicing artist (oil painting) and Deputy Chair of the Oxford Art Society.

Georgie Treanor – Gallery Assistant
Georgie is currently studying Art History at Oxford Brookes University. At the O3 Gallery, she is working towards organizing school events and creating an education programme.

Feng Ho – Gallery Assistant
Feng is an award-winning ethical fashion designer. She ensures that the O3 Gallery sells an array of desirable yet ethically sound ‘art objects’ in the form of jewelry and other design items. Feng also works on the O3 Gallery’s ethical fashion events, for example, the Ethical Fashion Fair and Ethical Fashion Show which took place in March 2011 as part of Oxford Fashion Week

Joao Philippe Reid – Gallery Assistant
A recent Art History postgraduate from University College London, JP has a background in art criticism and curating having worked at some galleries and collections in England and Scotland.

Charlotte Stevens
Miri Rosen

O3 Gallery Student Ambassador
Alex Hackett
Claire Davis
Dara Mubarak
Darcie Thomas
Rie Marsden
Sophie Lalonde
Steven Pritchard

Country-wide Student Ambassadors
Megan Dawkins – Brighton
Sam Harriman – Leeds

O3 Gallery Interns
Ortensia Molla


We are currently seeking interns to join the O3 Gallery team. Download the below document for further information:

We are currently seeking interns to join the O3 Gallery team. Click to Download further information