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The O3 Gallery Collection

The Oxford Castle Art Collection has been formed over the years since the Gallery opened its doors in May 2006. Since that time, there have been over 60 exhibitions at the O3 Gallery, and Oxford Castle has purchased a selection of artworks from these shows. The result is a rich accumulation from many of the region’s most talented artists, reflecting the diversity and progression of the art scene in and around Oxford.

The Oxford Castle collection has been assembled and will grow with each show. I have always intended that we would mount a public exhibition of the collection every 10th Anniversary. In the meantime the growing collection will now be accessed online. It’s our way of sharing!
Trevor Osborne, owner of the O3 Gallery and chairman of the Trevor Osborne Property Group

Below you will find a list of all the art work that make up the Oxford Castle Collection:

Title: Tree XVII (BI Series)
Artist: Caroline Meynell
Exhibition: Light, Land & Place
Exhibition date: 26.07.14 – 17.08.14
Dimensions: 25cm x 25cm
Medium: Oil on canvas
Object number: 79

Title: Lomo Opportunity (Detail)
Artist: Iain Fuller
Exhibition: Lo-Fi
Exhibition date: 03/05/14 – 25/05/14
Dimensions: 70cm x 50cm
Medium: Photographic montage
Object number: 78

Title: Beachcomber, Friday
Artist: Astrid Jaekel
Exhibition: One Thousand Cranes: An Exhibition of Contemporary Paper Making
Exhibition date: 05/04/14 – 27/04/14
Dimensions: 84cm x 118cm
Medium: Papercut, handmade Limited edition, 1/25
Object number: 77

Title: Sumatran II
Artist: Hannah McCague
Exhibition: Art Teacher’s 2014
Exhibition date: 15/02/14 – 02/03/14
Dimensions: 30cm x 42cm
Medium: Digital manipulation
Object number: 76

Title: Evening Meadow Grass
Artist: Heather Power
Exhibition: To The Clear Northern Skies , And Great Western Woods
Exhibition date: 02.11.13 – 05.01.14
Dimensions: 50cm x 25cm
Medium: Screen print on paper
Object number: 75

Title: Traigh Uige
Artist: Anna Dillon
Exhibition: The Isles of Colour
Exhibition date: 28.09.13 – 27.10.13
Dimensions: 85cm x 75cm
Medium: Oil on board
Object number: 74