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Exhibition by Flora McLachlan

Flora McLachlan’s pictures are records of things seen and imagined by twilight or moonglow. She is inspired by medieval poetry and powerful, strange images from fairy tales and myths.

“I try to express a sense of the enchantment I feel is embedded in our ancient landscape. I imagine the secret face of the land, when the light fades and the creatures come out to roam.

I’m feeling for a lost or hidden magic, a glimpse through trees of the white hart.

My preferred technique is etching. I love its atmosphere, the deep mysterious blacks and the glowing whites. During the long etching process, my original idea changes and grows with the working of the metal. The act of creation continues with the printing of the image; many of my etchings are underprinted with a painterly mono-collagraph plate, and most are complex and demand a concentrated and meditative approach to the inking and printing.”