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Light Pays by Marc Allen

Light Plays: Freeing Light From Fixed Form Meanings.

An Exhibition of Contemporary Fine Art Photography by Oxfordshire artist Marc Allen.

‘Light Plays’ are the results of Marc Allen’s photographic explorations and artistic research into removing light from fixed form meanings. Through his art, Allen aims to question how the viewer perceives and feels emotional responses to light. The word photography means drawing with light and LIGHT PLAYS gives meaning to drawing with light in the fullest sense. With no knowledge of what the final image will look like before the photograph is taken, Marc’s serendipitous process, does not evoke an original object but creates an image of texture and colour.

With an outstanding academic background and works shown in local venues such as Modern Art Oxford to further a field in Colorado, USA, Allen is at a take-off point in his career. Join the O3 in exploring Marc Allen’s fine art photography, which he hopes will play a role in shaping cultural norms of perception.

“The works should become images of poetic reverie: the loss of the object, and hence the loss of the possibility of knowing the object, leaves the viewer in the chasm between seeing and knowing and there in this other place, doors of the imagination open”

Marc Allen 2007