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Life at Brandiers by Peter Lavery

Life at Brandiers: A series of Floral Prints

For the past twenty years Peter Lavery’s camera studies have been recording the ebb and flow of plant and animal life in the gardens, fields, and greenhouse at Brandiers Farm, his home in Wiltshire. His flower photographs – studies of moments of life and death – go beyond the ‘captured moment’ of traditional picture taking. By means of innovative camera work, these poetic floral portraits take photography to exciting new heights and may be said to encroach on the once exclusive territory of painting.

In rich, dramatic images that enhance our awareness of the world around us, Lavery’s pure forms demonstrate the abiding relationship between art and nature. A white penstemon, dew-spattered, at the pinnacle of floral perfection; rose petals, faded and fallen, the blooms in poignant decline; a lily, its once showy throat shriveling and limp.

Peter Lavery, a professional photographer since 1972, was born in Wakefield, Yorkshire and studied for an MA in photography at the Royal College of Art, London. Several leading hotel groups including Malmaison have acknowledged Lavery’s talents, commissioning his work for display throughout many of their establishments.