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Tim Richardson

In the early seventies Tim worked in London for the president of Landscape architects off Marble Arch having qualified from art college with a diploma in 3D design with distinction. “A great time to be in London working on inner city play area projects”, new ideas abound his particular interest lay with modern applied ceramics on a large scale.

After several years in London his interests in music led him onto the national stage as a jazz drummer a passion formed at an early age which continues today.

A decision to follow a career path led him to working in many areas of graphics with internationally established studios with any spare time spent making objects for exhibition he termed ‘architectural ceramics’, with good reviews from the Oxford Times after their first outing in Artweeks and at an Oxford Craft Guild exhibition back in 94/95’.

The challenge of pastel painting and love of landscape came to the fore in 2003. Tim’s first solo exhibition of 30 paintings in a self-hired space of choice proved very successful followed by The Weyhill Gallery Hants, mixed exhibitions in Newbury, Hungerford and Oxford Artweeks.

The 03 gallery will be showing a selection of Tim Richardson’s most recent work during the second half of July.