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KYMMATA: The gods for playmates challenges the ethereal dynamic that exists between artists and their practice. The project explores the unique idolatry formulated around the work that is produced and alludes to how the artwork itself can be seen to take on a personality, form and character. The theme also explores the idea of creative playfulness between ‘creator’ and ‘subject’, sculpting the amorphous clay of inquiry and rustling the leaves of one’s internal wilderness.

KYMMATA: The gods for playmates formulates an opening for contemporary artists of sound, dance, musical/spoken word and activistic persuasions to collectively channel the processes and relationships they have with their muses. O3 Gallery will function as a hub and platform for this excursion into the oeuvre of creative dialoguing that will be showcased in a three day performance and installation based exhibition.

The gods for playmates’, is a phrase appropriated from the poem ‘Crow’s Playmates’ by Ted Hughes, which is originally part of a larger collection called ‘Crow’.

Taking its name from the Greek word for waves, Kymmata is a three day exhibition of installation, artwork and performanaces. Curated by Lex Blintzios, a recent graduate of Oxford Brookes University’s MA in Contemporary Arts & Music, the project’s aim is to provide the viewer with a spectrum of sound and motion experience that ranges from the recognisable to the abstracted.