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O3 Gallery Website Presents : Future exhibitions

The O3 Gallery Oxford Opens: Writing for 5 Exhibition open:  15.07.14 – 20.07.14 Through a series of abstract paintings and prints based on disjointed words and phrases, Writing for 5 aims to evaluate the relationship between poetry and abstraction. Phrases are enacted within the paintings ambiguously so that the original intentions of the poetry are brought… Read More »O3 Gallery Website Presents : Future exhibitions

Site Wide Exhibitions in Oxford Art Gallery

Student Artwork in Venues Across Oxford Castle Quarter Exhibition open: 03.05.14 – 01.06.14 Again this year O3 Oxford Gallery is delighted to present student artwork in venues across Oxford Castle Gallery. Selected students from a competition launched in 2013 will exhibit their artwork in some restaurants and cafés at Oxford Castle Art Gallery. This competition was… Read More »Site Wide Exhibitions in Oxford Art Gallery

Fashion Designers in Oxford Castle Quarter

Anna Alicia Anna Alicia took a round-about route to accessory design, via a degree in Art History at the University of Kent and an MA in Art Gallery Oxford at Central St Martins, London. Her background in a castle art gallery and her fascination with historical craft play a huge role in inspiring her collections.… Read More »Fashion Designers in Oxford Castle Quarter

Desmond Morris at The O3 Gallery Oxford

Desmond Morris has been exhibiting since 1948 and is a prominent contemporary Surrealist. He has a longstanding interest in natural science and has a scholarly background in zoology with a particular interest in animal behavior. Previously Morris held a Research Fellow position at Wolfson College, O3 Gallery Oxford, he has published widely within this field,… Read More »Desmond Morris at The O3 Gallery Oxford

Art-weeks at the O3 Gallery

Outdoor sculpture by Christopher Townsend and Andrew Thompson presented by the Turrill Sculpture Garden and a showcase of work by Art in Oxford Gallery participants. Wendy Newhofer makes colorful glass pieces that have a painterly quality to them. A combination of glass and metal in the form of precious leaf and wire enables Wendy to draw… Read More »Art-weeks at the O3 Gallery

Artists & Illustrators: Artist

Artists & Illustrators: Artist of the Year 2009 Artists & Illustrators is the best-selling magazine for professional artists and aspiring amateurs. For more than 20 years, the magazine has provided inspiration and practical advice to its readers. Artists & Illustrators’ annual search for their Artist of the Year is one of the most prestigious open… Read More »Artists & Illustrators: Artist

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Endeavoring to be the friendliest gallery in Oxford.

The O3 Gallery in Oxford is a high quality, contemporary commercial art space that provides the public affordable, original artwork and provides selling opportunities for regional artists. The gallery is open to the public throughout the year and has no admission fee. It is considered one of the most prestigious amongst the many Oxford museums and art galleries.

The O3 Gallery exists to nurture and support the artists that exhibit at the gallery and therefore provides a supportive platform for all exhibitors, offering guidance on the design and presentation of exhibitions, pricing, selling work, technical requirements, writing artists statements, and publicity. We do not, however, act as an agent for artists and ask that artists assist us in marketing their events. We only support the art in Oxford.

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The O3 Gallery endeavors to be seen as a center for artistic activity within Oxford City. This is achieved through the delivery of varied and high-quality exhibitions and events related to all aspects of the arts, created for the benefit of the local community and visitors to the area.

The O3 Gallery proudly describes itself as the friendliest gallery in Oxford, welcoming art connoisseurs and beginners alike, and placing a strong emphasis on visitor information and interpretation of the artwork.

Stick around on and explore the greatest works of art in Oxford.